Young People Volunteering in Kenya


This February, 11 young people from SW London estates flew out to Kenya for a 7 day adventure of volunteering. For a first time traveller, coming from London, Kenya is ¬†an exciting and alluring yet challenging experience. It’s very hot, the humidity can be unbearable at times, and traffic is chaos. Everything feels new but people are unusually welcoming. The food is a whole world apart and you’re only allowed to drink bottled water. This is a once in a life time opportunity for everyone.

During our stay, the young people led music and art lessons for the children at SURE24 with equipment donated by schools and organisations in the UK. Between these sessions they teamed up to repaint the schools library, providing many with a better environment for learning and studying. Ibstock Place School in Roehampton donated new uniforms that the children in Kenya were very excited to try on and use during their school year. As part of the program, we spent an afternoon at a rubbish dump where families live by resourcefully surviving from the cities waste. This proved to be the most challenging and moving day, it’s an eye opening moment for all of us.


Some quotes from the trip:

“I’ve just arrived at SURE24. I’ve seen where they stay, where they cook, what animals they have and what classrooms they get educated in. I think it’s a really good place!” – Callum

“It gives me a sense of happiness, that I haven’t experienced before. All the kids are respectful and it’s not like that in England.” – Jack

“We’ve just been visiting the dump site… it’s not nice, personally, it makes me feel annoyed because I can’t do anything about it.” -Perry

For those of you interested in knowing more about this trip and seeing the impact it’s made on the young people, watch this short video that sums up the experience in about 15 mins.

Watch the video

Posted on Tuesday, August 19th, 2014 at 12:50 pm

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