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We are inspired by all of our dedicated volunteers and thought it was time to showcase the amazing people who work with us and make Regenerate the place it is. We’ll be featuring one of our lovely volunteers every quarter. If you would like to be featured in the next update please get in touch we would love to hear from you!

Today we would like to introduce Mal Kelly. Mal has just started volunteering with us and was interviewed by our City Lights coordinator Mari. 


Name and occupation 

My name is Malachi Kelly and I am a student photographer at University of Westminster, hopefully graduating this summer if everything goes to plan.

What made you decide to volunteer for Regenerate? 

I have always had a close link to the project growing up, but having over the last few years been with Regenerate to a couple of trips to Romania, I was really keen to see what it is that you guys do for young people on the day to day side of things.

What will you be doing for Regenerate? 

At the moment I am doing a session on the Regenerate bus, which has been great fun so far, thanks to both the kids that come along and also the great team that pull it all together, and also the Juice Bar on a Wednesday. This has been great fun, and hopefully as I get to know the guys I can start to bring my own skills in photography into the mix, while also importantly getting better at Table Tennis. 

Tell us a little bit about why volunteering is important to you? 

For me its important not to get caught up in my own little world especially after finishing my degree, and when you’ve found a project such as regenerate it is hard to resist. You can tell that the young people get a lot out of it in the long run, and that is what really make me want to volunteer for regenerate. 

Lastly, what have been your initial impressions of life at Regenerate as a volunteer?

So far they’ve been really good, especially being the new guy. Everybody at regenerate is really passionate about what they do, which is hard not to be affected by.

Posted on Wednesday, June 18th, 2014 at 9:16 am

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