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Get Connected

The Get Connected programme provides a variety of positive activities that young people and the wider community can participate in which act as entry points to the work of Regenerate.


Regenerate’s youth centre on the Ashburton estate, is a space for young people to have fun, learn new skills, achieve personal goals and discover how they can make a difference in the world. We run the Get Active Program there which involves gym activities, pool and table tennis, creative activities and a mentoring programme.

Opening times:

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday Thursday  6pm – 8pm These times may vary due to the current pandemic. Please follow us on social media for regular updates or email us for more information.

We run football sessions in partnership with Chelsea Kicks on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday for ages 11-16’s




The Juice Bar is Regenerate’s base in the heart of the Alton estate and is a gathering place for young people for activities and is the ‘launch pad’ for Roehampton young people to use their potential by going out into their local area and beyond to make a difference. We start by meeting young people through drop in sessions; this is a positive place where young people can hang out, cook and eat, play games and have a good time. 

Opening times:

Thursday 5pm -7pm These times may vary due to the current pandemic. Please follow us on social media for regular updates or email us for more information.



At the start of 2020, Regenerate and Rackets Cubed established a local initiative called the Roehampton Community Box in response to Covid-19. By working with Heathmere Primary and Wandsworth Council on the Alton, the Lennox and Ashburton estates have been able to offer essential food, personal hygiene, activity and educational supplies for children and their families in the local community. In total, we delivered over 6500 community boxes in 2020, and we expect demand will continue to grow in 2021.

Alongside the Roehampton community box we have created the ‘ROEHAMPTON COMMUNITY KNOCK’ – a leaflet to raise awareness of key services that can offer support to families, such as information on food banks and Wandsworth Hub dealing with food security, and contact information for both domestic violence and mental health organisations. So far, we have delivered over 4000 leaflets to homes across the estates.




Every year we run a range of community festivals from small to large.   ‘The Feel Good Festivals’ are full of fun activities for people of all ages. These are times for the community to come together using music, food stalls, table top sales, mini funfairs, and inflatables. This is a chance for us all to celebrate the community of Roehampton. Watch the video from 2019’s festival to get the vibe!


Get Active

The Get Active programme focuses on young people getting active by taking part in activities and workshops that take place at the youth centres. These activities focus on improving health and well being, developing creativity and key skills. Regenerate offers a range of sport activities, cooking and creative art workshops which include the use of the music studio.  



During School holiday’s we plan and organise trips to take young people away on all kinds of adventures visit places they haven’t been before such as climbing mountains in Snowdonia, Box hill adventures, Thorpe Park or going to the seaside.

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Get Focused

Get Focused is Regenerate’s Mentoring programme for young people aged 13-18 who are facing challenges in life and want to focus on their personal development. We work with local schools and the community to match them with a mentor trained to support and guide them so they can increase in self confidence, create goals and improve their skills.

Get Focused provides opportunities for one-to-one mentoring and group mentoring to help young people create personal development plans and support them in reaching their goals and aspirations.

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Get Working



There are so many young people leading negative lifestyles who are desperate for an opportunity to change and ‘get out’, but just don’t know how. In 2014, we set up a social enterprise in the form of a sandwich business called ‘The Feel Good Bakery’ with the view to support, train and employ these young people. Our goal is to help them to change their lives and develop life skills that prepare them for the workplace and enhance their futures.

The amazing aspect of The Feel Good Bakery is that we are partnered with grassroots organisations that do life-changing work with children living in extreme poverty around the world. When you buy a sandwich from us, you are personally buying a meal for one of these children. Here at The Feel Good Bakery we don’t want to stop at ‘just’ transforming the lives of our employees; we want to go further and make a difference to those living in extreme poverty overseas as well. 

In 2020, we adapted our sandwich business due to the pandemic and launched two Feel Good coffee carts to create more employment opportunities for young people, and the opportunity to learn some new skills. The vision for our social enterprise in using these coffee carts is to grow the number of carts we have and open a few more this year! We want to get to the point where we can provide enough support and employment opportunities for every young person in our borough who is not in employment, education or training and wants to turn their lives around.

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Get Leading

Get Leading is for young adults aged 18- 30 who want to make a difference in their community and develop as leaders. It involves those who have come through Regenerate’s programmes growing up, to take part in a working group to develop their skills, create ideas and come up with exciting solutions that impact social change in their communities.


The Get leading group also have the opportunity to take on leadership responsibilities on volunteer trip to Kenya working with Children facing poverty and run fun activities for the children and practical projects that make a difference. Click here to see a video of one of our trips to KENYA

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See Craig’s story about the impact of Regenerate in his life.

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