Regenerate Grand Plan

Could you be one of 100 partners to pledge a ‘Grand’ to sustain our work and invest in the next generation?

We have had an amazing year at Regenerate and lives are being transformed at a rate we have never seen before. We have so many exciting projects to support in this amazing community. We need 100 partners to help us with a donation of a ‘Grand’. £1000 sounds like a lot of money but in fact a donation of £68 a month (plus gift aid) totals a ‘grand’ over the year, and if that feels too much perhaps you would consider grouping together with some friends. Four friends giving £17 a month each would work out just the same.

Here is a taste of the incredible work that is going on and that we would love to sustain and grow in 2015.

 So far this year…

3000 People celebrate our community at The Feel Good Festival.

11 Young adults trained and employed at the Feel Good Bakery.

55 Young people volunteered in Roehampton, Romania and Kenya.

198 Young people engaging in our weekly activities. 

28 Young people achieve personal goals through mentoring & coaching.

New Ventures

The Feel Good Bakery
Our exciting new social enterprise employs young people who are turning their backs on gang life and crime. For every sandwich we sell, a child in need of food will receive a free meal.

Ashburton Youth Centre
Our new youth centre on the Ashburton estate, is a space for young people to have fun, learn new skills, achieve personal goals and discover how they can make a difference in the world.

How to Get Involved

Give £68 monthly
With gift aid, this is an easy way of contributing £1,000. Download our standing order form here.

Group together with friends
Get creative and collectively contribute £68 monthly.

Give a one time donation
Follow this link to give a donation:

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