The Feel Good Jog

In our latest crazy fundraiser, musician King Charles is running from John O’Groats to Lands End; a whopping total of 1700km! To do this, he will complete 40 marathons, and at the end of each of the 40 days, Charles will be singing and performing music, with all the energy he has left over! These moments will be on mountain tops, lake sides, pubs and music venues all along the way. We don’t believe this has ever been done before. 

Alongside Charles, our own Andy will be taking on 40 half marathons and then will complete another half marathon by bike. 

By taking on this challenge, we’re hoping to raise awareness about mental health and wellbeing. The positive effects of music and getting active are huge and we want to inspire others to challenge themselves and overcome barriers. We want to highlight how Regenerate helps young people create the tools and opportunities that help them to do this and feel good! 

Charles is so excited about this challenge because he also believes in running and music. He said: 

“I love the rhythm of your feet hitting the road or path and the effect that that has on the mind. The last 18 months of lock-down and isolation have been a feeding ground for anxiety, loneliness and depression; but running and music has always helped me in times when I’ve felt trapped and isolated – they both have an immediate and positive effect on your mental state and don’t require anything more than a voice, a pair of trainers and a running buddy to get you moving. I can’t wait to see how Regenerate propels people into action as they always do and see the journey we can all get on together.”

We completely agree and are so excited to see where this adventure takes us. A huge thank you to a Regenerate donor and Richstone properties for sponsoring the support costs for our trip so that we could make it happen.

During The Feel Good Jog, Charles will be joined by friends as well as young adults and staff from Regenerate, who will take part in various challenges, running together with Charles from wherever they’re located (connected via video on phones). The challenge will be documented throughout the route, via live videos on @kingcharlesuk and @regenerateuk social media channels. If you’d like to take part too, you can sign up at here.

We’re aiming to raise £100,000  by the end if the fundraiser, with half of this going towards our get working programme; creating jobs for 75 young people coming out of gangs, prison or long term unemployment, and half going towards our get active youth work and mentoring programmes; creating healthy environments and opportunities for young people to thrive.The challenge started on the 25th July and you can follow the journey on @kingcharlesuk and @regenerateuk instagram accounts. You can also donate here to The Feel Good Jog.

Posted on Thursday, July 29th, 2021 at 11:55 am

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