A story from someone that grew up in Roe

Hi, my name’s Peter Arnold, I’m 27 from London and my brother Adam and I own a tree surgery business called Graftin Gardeners. We grew up on an estate called Roehampton, life was good as young boys and we were happy go lucky with big dreams and ambitions but moving to Roehampton, attending failing secondary schools and having a mother at work all day brought about to many negative changes as we hit our teenage years.  Roehampton has always been a very disadvantaged area with not much for the young to do whilst drugs there are rife so it is very easy to get lead down the wrong path.

Andy Smith was one of the very few people in Roehampton who actually cared about us and wanted to make a change for the youth. He was always taking us on days out for reward for good behaviour; we went to go-karting, ice skating, bowling and various other activities. He even organised fun events on the estate to give us and the people that live there something to do. A major turning point for Adam was a trip to Kenya organised by Andy.   The trip was to help the deprived kids and built them a garage with the help of our good friend Luke Clifford.  It made Adam see a different side of life that he would never have seen if we had not meet Andy.   He realised how easy we have in England and the choices we have.

Thanks to the efforts of Andy and the team at Regenerate, and becoming focussed on the choices we do have meant we soon set up a business for tree surgery and estate management. It is a lot of hard work with long hours but we have the satisfaction of knowing that we are building a good business. Both my brother Adam and I can’t thank Andy enough for all the good things he’s done for us over the years and for believing in people.  Both the tree surgery and estate management are going so well that twelve jobs have been created, fulfilled for the most part by others who also grew up in Roehampton.  It is good to know that because of Andy’s efforts we are now in a position to help others just like Andy helped us.

We have sent a few of our longest employees to college where they are doing really well, so we are pleased with how things have turned out.   We hope to set up a system now with Andy where he puts forward for work other young people from the local area who have benefited from the direction and mentoring provided by Regenerate. 

I just can’t express enough how grateful we are for all the help we received.  I hope we can inspire others as we were inspired.  With the right guidance, inspiration, a good attitude and a firm work ethic, a lot can be achieved.

I hope this article helps to inspire…

Posted on Thursday, July 3rd, 2014 at 4:39 pm

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