My unexpected romance with Roehampton

Louise, our mentoring coordinator shares her new found love for all that Roehampton has to offer.

People were a little bit shocked when I told them my husband Jordan and I were going to move to Roehampton. those who had heard of it joked that I should a buy a bullet proof vest but most had never even heard of the place; one person asked if it was near Southampton! 🙂 I was a little nervous about moving onto the Alton… I’ve lived in estates before but this was quite different from my life in Margate. At first the tower blocks felt eerie as if they were hiding the rest of the world from this strange pocket of a place but I soon came to be quite fond of them and took great pride in being able to see my tower block from Richmond park.

Reflecting back on my 10 months here in Roehampton I can’t help but think of the positive impact it has had  on my life and this is predominately because of the people. Jordan and myself  have experienced endless amounts of kindness often from complete strangers; helping us lift our bed up the stairs, lending us things, friendly smiles. The girls from regenerate offered to give me a tour of the area and advised me which take-away restaurants to go to.

I’ve learnt that as humans, we can be so prideful about a place and can have a hero mentality. At first I thought I could make a positive impact on the area but in fact it is the area which has impacted me. I love how people come together in times of trouble or injustice and how everyone on the estate knows everyone else. I’ve also learnt that if an incident happens you can be sure the rest of the Alton knows about it in 5 minutes 🙂 One boy in my mentoring group asked ‘ why would you ever choose to live here?!’  ‘because I love it.’ I replied

I can honestly say that I do love this place… Ok it has it’s issues, there’s only one cafe, we have no tube, etc etc… But to me the thing that makes a place a home is the people. Roehampton I’m pleased to call you my home.

Posted on Wednesday, June 4th, 2014 at 9:30 am

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