Roe to Ro International Trip 2016

In July 2016 a team from Regenerate and the Feel Good Bakery travelled to Roehampton to Romania to donate clothes and resources to the village of Soard in Transilvania where one of the Feel Good Bakery feeding programmes is based. It was a great opportunity for the team to see first hand how their hard work in the UK pays off and makes a difference feeding children in remote parts of the world that might usually only have one meal a day.

Regenerate also partnered with the Ark Putney Academy and took 9 young people from the school to take part in an fun packed holiday camp for children in the village. Since the beginning of the year Regenerate has been privileged to work with this group of teenagers who have helped to plan, organise and facilitate activities as well as help fundraise to support a building project in the village.

Whilst we were there the group took part in running a variety of sports activities, games and arts and crafts activities for up to 100 children over the two the days. The children loved meeting the young people from London and enjoyed playing and spending time getting to know them. Despite the language barriers the group were able to get an idea of what life is like for these children growing up in Soard, they learnt about some of the struggles and challenges the children and their families face.

Here is some feedback from the young people about the trip:

“I was hoping to learn more about the Romanian culture and to help the kids have an awesome day.The trip was better than I expected. We were very organised and had planned out our activities well so they ran very smoothly. Also the kids’ laughter and smiles made the trip amazing. They were all so full of joy!!”

“Everything was great but something I will never forget is the fact that one of the kids (Dragos) was waiting for me near our minibus on the last day. Our day ended with lots of singing and dancing and we were saying goodbye to all the kids, and then they all ran home. We then made our way towards the minibus where Dragos was sitting next to. When he saw me he called out my name and hugged me supper tightly. It made my heart melt. It made me feel as if I made a difference.”

“We helped the children by playing with them but also we could help them more. I wonder if they feel sad that they don’t have what we have. Some of them didn’t have trainers. I was shocked that some didn’t have shoes, and also that they didn’t seem to mind, it didn’t hurt their feet, maybe they were used to it. But I thought we should send them trainers and stuff.”

“I think having patience was very important. The kids wanted constant attention and we wanted to make them all have a great time so we had to stay calm and try to please all of them. I’m not usually very patient but I believe I was able to stay pretty chill!”

“I learnt how to be extremely kind and nice to everyone and that me being kind brightened up there day.”

“I believe the trip, coupled with NCS, boosted my leadership and independence skills. The kids were all very sweet which made the activities run smoothly.”

“I would now feel a lot more qualified in a way to know how to make them happy and allow them to have amazing fun.”


Orientation walk around the village of Soard.


Having a go on a horse and cart…


Playing wide games with the children.

20160712_105320   20160713_160805

The team and the children from the village on our last day.

Posted on Tuesday, August 2nd, 2016 at 9:58 am

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