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In 2018 Regenerate celebrated turning 18 years old as a charity.  Thank you for being part of our story.   When we set out all those years ago, we wanted to make a difference in the community where we live. Now, the young people that we set out to help are the ones that are changing the lives of others and making a massive difference. This is exciting!

Yusuf, grew up on the Ashburton estate and has managed to overcome many challenges. Here are a few of his own words …

“Many youths where I live are stuck in a cycle of drugs, violence, knife crime and prison.  I realised that for me to get out, I would need my head screwed on and for me to take opportunities when they were given to me.  Coming through the charity Regenerate, it has opened my eyes to realise that young people, especially those growing up in deprived areas sometimes need a push in the right direction”.

In 2018 Yusuf helped organise our sponsored bike ride from the Roehampton estate all the way to Africa! He rode over 1200 miles, through forests, conquered mountains, endured thunder and hail storms – but he pushed on through. He made it to the shores of Morocco overcoming challenges similar to those in life.

Yusuf has a mentor through Regenerate and now works for Chelsea as a coach and scout. He is also starting his own business that is creating work opportunities for other young people. He is inspiring his generation and the next.

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In 2019 we want to continue to journey with young people like Yusuf and grow our Get Focused program Check out this new video to see how you can get involved.

Posted on Thursday, January 3rd, 2019 at 2:20 pm

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