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 Launch of Get Leading – Regenerate’s new initiative.


 ‘We want  to invest in a small group of 10 people aged 18-30 each year to help them develop as leaders that make a change in the world for good”

Andy Smith, CEO and Frontman – Regenerate.


 Regenerate Get Leading focus’ on the three development areas:


 CHARACTER – Explore the impact of moral behaviour such as consistency & perseverance, humility and kindness.


CHEMISTRY – Learn how to build healthy relationships and team to mobilise change effectively.


COMPETENCY- Understand skills and abilities needed for leadership like vision casting and how to make stuff happen.


 Regenerate aim is to work with a Get Leading Group to help them discover their unique contribution to the world as a leaders in their community.


 ‘The highlight of my week last week was the Get Leading Launch”  From one of our Get Leading group.


 For the launch 13 of us came together for a meal where we challenged our Young Leaders to identify what they feel most passionate about  in life.

This led on to some really interesting discussions about how we can develop the practical ‘Get Helping’ aspect of the group.
“It was amazing to hear ideas flowing about how to engage within our community.
The next step is discussing how we can put these ideas in to practise ….So watch this space!” Mari Day – Regenerate’s Social Action Coordinator.


 Bikes Bikes Bikes – Regenerate is looking for donations of adult bikes.


 If you have too many bikes cluttering up your life Regenerate can help – we are looking for adult bikes that we can do up and cycle to either to Calais or use on a trip across Romania. The bikes will then be donated in both places to people who need them. We will be running bike mechanic workshops for all the staff and young leaders who will be cycling!

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Posted on Wednesday, October 19th, 2016 at 12:47 pm

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