I don’t think I’ll ever meet such an accepting, caring and optimistic group of people. I have learned an immeasurable amount from each of these boys, who have taught me so much about gratitude and hope. Their stories of hardship are never told with sorrow but instead are shared with pride and appreciation for all they now have and achieved. These boys have not, and will not, let anything prevent them from living out their dreams.  At Sure 24 future musicians, pilots, engineers, teachers and whatever these kids desire to be, can get an education in a safe and loving home. I will forever be in debt to these amazing individuals for showing me the importance of having faith and being thankful.


As soon as we arrived at the dumpsite we were welcomed with huge smiles and immense hugs from everyone, but as soon as I hugged these two they wouldn’t let go (and I didn’t want to either). For the rest of my stay, we three were inseparable. I don’t remember for how long we stayed at the dumpsite for because I was just so caught up in the positive energy; with all the singing and dancing. It was certainty my highlight of the trip. I’m glad to have shared this unforgettable moment with such amazing people from Regenerate and Standard Chartered Bank.

Fran, Get Leading Team 2017


 © Photo – Nahwand Jaff 

Posted on Wednesday, April 5th, 2017 at 6:00 pm

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