The Kenya Adventure 2017- Dara’s thoughts


The connections we were able to make with the kids at Sure 24 children’s home was incredible. One thing I loved hearing is how excited they were about what the future holds – they have such big dreams and aspirations with leaders there supporting them all the way.  I loved their positivity, considering most of them were either orphans or street kids that have gone through so much in life already. It made me so content seeing them full of love and happiness, and knowing that they are now in a safe place. It’s one big happy family that I have had the privilege to work with.


At the dumpsite I felt such a mix of emotions. I was completely heartbroken for these people who live there, it is so overwhelming actually seeing people experience poverty like this.  Knowing that some of the kids we met at sure 24 once lived here and some still have their whole family there made me so upset. Nobody should have to live like this…literally searching for food and materials from the rest of the towns waste.

But despite this we were made to feel so welcome!  They danced and sang with us…held our hands as they prayed with us…  They still had so much faith and gratitude regardless of their circumstances, something that really opened our eyes.

This whole trip was such a learning experience for me… I now know that having a grateful mentality in life completely changes it for the better.

 Dara, Get Leading Team  2017 



 © Photo – Nahwand Jaff 


Posted on Thursday, March 30th, 2017 at 6:00 pm

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