The Kenya Adventure 2017 – Nahwand’s thoughts



A tender moment of a young boy locked into a conversation with God. You don’t have to be a person of faith to appreciate the beauty of this exchange. What seemed to be the main consensus of the time spent in Kenya was gratitude. It was more so a newly acquired skill from us, the visitors, but for those living within the hardship it was practised daily. Each moment was not spent focussing on the lack of things but on how far they had risen and what exciting new prospects the future holds. Something that we tend to overlook in more developed countries. When was the last time you were grateful for the meal you were eating? Or the clothes on your back? Or to be educated to the degree you are? A friend once told me that the key to a happy existence is to practise the act of being thankful for the past, present and future. Let’s cultivate a mentality like this little one with his hands placed together and express gratitude whenever possible. – child praying (if you couldn’t guess).


Meet Sammy Nawali who has dedicated his life to rescuing children from the streets of Nakuru, as well as those living on the Dumpsite mentioned in my previous post. He has, over the years, created a sanctuary which places them into education and housing which they would otherwise be lacking. An ex streetkid himself who was given an opportunity by a complete stranger, Sammy lived by the philosophy to “never forget where you came from,” so he created a means to save those that reminded him of the forgotten, young and vulnerable child he once was. Of his creations, the Sure 24 Orphanage hosts almost 200 rescued children and weekly feeding program funded by Regenerate’s social enterprise The Feel Good Bakery; whilst the Rain Edge School also educates them and many others that live in Nakuru. It is now emerging as one of the top education centres in the area which has attracted many students from the city. Some of the first of those he had taken in have gone on to study in university and now work with him or in the surrounding areas. It must be an incredible feeling to witness his seeds planted to bear such fruit. He is now building a secondary school for those in the pursuit of further education. A man with no limits to his dreams.

Nahwand, Get Leading Team 2017


 © Photo – Nahwand Jaff 

Posted on Sunday, April 2nd, 2017 at 6:00 pm

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