The Kenya Adventure 2017 – Brenda’s thoughts


Looking at this picture I remember this kid with his mature but amused face, trying to teach me how to count to 10 in their language. I remember how much laughter he had while doing that just because of my funny accent and bad pronunciation.

Even though the only numbers I know in Swahili at the moment are: oja (1) , mbilly (2) , tisa (8); what I learned from both projects in Kenya, is to be more grateful. The way they show their gratitude for everything and everyone and the way they are expressing their faith in God and their love for their community (which to me seems more like a big family ) really inspires me.

The experience I had not only taught me to be more grateful but it blessed me with relationships with people who helped me build up my confidence.

Brenda, Get Leading Team 2017


 © Photo – Nahwand Jaff 

Posted on Tuesday, April 4th, 2017 at 6:00 pm

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