Elevating Diversity and Representation in Business

We are really excited to announce that we have partnered with The Juici Jerk Foundation to create an exciting programme for aspiring entrepreneurs aged 16-25! THE 8-week programme will bring together a community of young, aspiring entrepreneurs in a fun, engaging and informative environment to to promote diversity and representation in future business.

Who are Juici Jerk?

Troy and Jarrell launched Juici Jerk in 2017 as one of the first home cooking businesses in London before it became the norm. Since opening, Juici Jerk has evolved into a street food vendor, event caterer and multi-dimensional Caribbean kitchen, specialising in serving food with authentic Jamaican flavours and adding their own modern twist.

What is the Elevate Programme?

Together with Juici Jerk, we wanted to give young aspiring entrepreneurs from low socio-economic backgrounds the chance to build their skills and get a flying start in an area that they often don’t have the means or connections to get into.

Together, we have created The Elevate Programme as a way of providing expert knowledge, experience and growth services to equip young people with the tools to start, thrive and sustain in the world of entrepreneurship.

Our pilot programme will involve mentoring, expert workshops and learning opportunities to develop understanding of how to set up a business, gain new skills, knowledge and experience within their chosen field. They will learn all about creating business plans, budgeting, marketing a business and how to deliver a killer pitch.  Young people will also be paired up with a 1-1 mentor with expert entrepreneurship experience for the duration of the programme and beyond to help guide and advise them.

The programme will work towards creating a business pitch to be given in the final session, and the winning pitch will receive funding to support their business plan.

This will be an amazing opportunity for anyone who is interested in setting up their own business and wants to learn from people who have years of experience of successfully doing so. Here is what the programme will look like:

Week 1: Introduction & Guest Speaker

Week 2: Word storm workshop

Week 3: How to start a business/write a business plan

Week 4: Funding session

Week 5: Branding/Digital marketing and social media workshop

Week 6: How to write a pitch

Week 7: Customer relations/Finding your customer

Week 8: Pitch & Conclusions

If you are aged 16-25 from the Wandsworth area and want to get involved, you can apply here.

Posted on Tuesday, March 8th, 2022 at 4:13 pm

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